Web 3 payments & rewards for companies that care about people & planet

Peepl connects local businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs to Web 3

Apps on the network

Helping locals find out about news, events, and much more

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The local shopping revolution

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Rewarding greener shopping, incentivising sustainability

Launching 2023

We created Peepl rewards because we believe in the power of local communities to drive global change

The Peepl Tech Stack

Revolutionary, mobile first infrastructure for sustainable and circular economies.

The peepl stablecoin

£ stable coin… programmable money at low cost.
< 0.1p transaction fees.
Next gen payments and customer experience for your audience.

Collaborative infrastructure

Attract, win and retain customers with non-custodial rewards.
Horizontal integrations with partners made simple.
Collaborate and move money around seamlessly with network partners.

Peepl Marketplaces

Integrate a marketplace for your audience at very low cost.
Easily push your products or services to network partners.
Mobile first shopping for the circular economy.

we’re rewriting
local economics

we limit & redistributE
our capital gains