It’s About Peepl!

First of all, huge thank you to everyone who came to our super secret test night on the 14th. Scroll down for an artistic summary of the evening! It was great fun, with great music, amazing conversations and some all-around great people ????

If you liked what you saw, we’re doing it again on the 5th, and this time there’ll be food, next Monday, 6-10pm across 2 venues in the Baltic.

Some sumptuous tasty plates of fodder will be served at an, as yet, undisclosed location. Food is on us, hopefully turning you into a friendly guinea pig ????????

We have 40 spots max, with dinner sittings at 6:30 & 8:15, on a first come first served basis.

Basically it’s structured, lockdown-safe fun, with more menus, secret venues, *fresh food, and tunes, both live and digitally streamed through the world wide web.

(We would love for you to tell us how it all was at the end of the night, as we’d like to sell tickets for the night at some point in the future 🙂

Bookings can be made through this monstrosity or email us

Much Love, and updatings below, from the Peepl In Abundance team… ????

Nb. Wherever you see one of these arrows it means you can click there to find out more on the ‘Internet’ (We know, it will never catch on)

PPS. This is the list (so far) of songs that were written on tables, requesting they be added to the playlist. To be honest, some were smudged, so if you have photos of your requests, send us them!