The Restaurant 100 – The Peepl Network’s answer to high fees and the unfair advantage for chains in the food delivery industry

Introduction – The Problem

We’ve all noticed. Delivery apps are ‘up to 44% more expensive’ than ordering directly from a restaurant in the UK according to a recent survey. At times like these, it’s pricing ordinary people out of ordering takeaway.  

It’s not the fault of restaurants. For businesses across the country, supply costs are rising dramatically – and the delivery apps are turning the screws, charging extortionate commissions on every order, to every local restaurant, every night. If I were a local restaurant owner, I’d do the exact same thing. You can’t blame business owners for raising their prices in response, they have no other choice.

The thing that doesn’t sit well with me, though, is the unfair advantage that chains are given on the big delivery apps. They are charged less than ordinary independent businesses – even though they benefit from huge economies of scale and are operating at a healthy profit. 

This stinks of a system that is unfair, rigged and fucked! It needs a change.

The Peepl Network – servicing partner apps with lower fees, ethical business models, and giving ownership of our network to all local businesses on the platforms

Verity, founder of Vegi, at the Peepl Power Fair in June 2022

So first things first, what is the Peepl Network?

We are building a network of locally focused businesses and projects – providing low fees while creating more wealth for local economies. 

All partner apps on the network run on top of the Peepl token, a local rewards token designed to reward customers for shopping locally instead of with chains.

Every transaction customers make on the Peepl Network rewards them with a % back in Peepl Rewards, to be spent again with your businessone or other local businesses through our partner apps. 

This is how we keep more money flowing in the local economy, creating a system that retains more money in the city and out of the hands of Visa, Facebook (Meta), Uber Eats, Deliveroo etc. etc. 

Our two main food delivery partner apps are Shocal and Vegi.

Shocal is an app started by a florist near Liverpool, who was tired of large retail chains rinsing him for every penny he had. He and his neighbour created the Shocal app, to offer significantly lower fees to local businesses for a delivery service, and therefore significantly lower prices for customers. 

Peepl partnered with Shocal in late 2021, to bring the service to Liverpool and there are currently around 40 independent restaurants and shops on the service, such as Delifonseca, Taco or Dont and . The fees are slightly lower, however the customer get 5% of their spend back in Peepl Rewards, and by joining early, as a restaurant owner, you will have a stake in the whole network, sound like a good deal? 

Vegi is ‘the place for plant based’. Customers in Liverpool can shop all things Vegan on the app, launching in July 22’. They will also be offering lower fees than the big delivery apps to the local business partners, and customers can enjoy a platform promoting the plant based revolution – and get rewarded for doing so! 

Innovative approach – The Guide Liverpool App

Peepl have also partnered with The Guide Liverpool, one of the largest and most respected independent media companies in the city. 

Using cutting edge technology and new business models, customers on the app will be rewarded for watching video content on the app in Peepl Rewards, which they can then spend on your food! 

Order local food directly from the guide app

We created a video below showing this, and we don’t mind admitting we think it’s pretty cool!

Watch videos, get rewarded, spend locally on the guide app

The Restaurant 100 & Government Grants 

When you sign up for deliveroo or uber eats as a local restaurant, what’s in it for you? Do you get shares in those businesses? Do you receive a share of the profits? Or is 30% of every order you take heading straight from the local economy to San Francisco, never to return?

At Peepl, the restaurants and local shops on our platforms, will all be co owners of our network. This is how we are going to fight back against the large chains, as it benefits all of us to promote the network, to promote shopping locally. 

Furthermore, local businesses in the Liverpool City Region can also claim up to £2000 in government grants, split between advertising costs and first order discounts. Peepl and the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority are united in the shared goal of incentivising more customers to shop locally, and promoting the amazing local businesses in the city. 

Any local business on Shocal or Vegi, is eligible for these grants and can use them to promote the network that they will co-own. Free money to advertise something you’ll profit from.

The Peepl 100 Campaign

On the 29th June 2022, we launched the Peepl 100 by throwing an event at one of our local business partners, Chapters of Us on Simpson Street. 

It was the first time that all of our partner apps and stakeholders of the network were in one room, and it was one of the best days in our company’s short history! 

The Peepl 100 is a chance for local pioneers in Liverpool to own part of the network, by interacting with the apps and services within the Peepl ecosystem. You can find out some more information about it here!

The campaign is designed to get more traction through to the local businesses in the city, and generate awareness of what we are trying to do here at Peepl. 

psstt. It’s already gaining traction…

Some of the Peepl 100 members so far…

Conclusion – Coming together to fight back 

We want a world which is fairer, where local economies are resilient, and where large corporations and technology giants aren’t ruling the world at the expense of ordinary people.

If you are a local business of any kind, please do get in touch HERE!! We’d love to hear from you. 

Times are tough, but times are changing.