welcome to the peepl 100 – this is how it works…

the peepl 100 – welcome and thank you for taking part in this thing!

If you are reading this article, it is likely that you have already signed up for the Peepl 100, know what it’s all about, and you are ready to be a pioneer.

Or, if you are currently thinking ‘what the f*** is the Peepl 100?’, then please visit itsaboutpeepl.com/100 now to read some information and also sign up for the campaign via the form at the bottom of the page. 

So, in a nutshell, we’re going to celebrate the first 100 disrupters, change-makers and tastemakers to sign up by offering them ownership of the Peepl Network, we’re re-writing local economics, and we’d like to change the internet, and our communities, for the better.

OK, you are offering me ownership of the Peepl Network, but what does that mean? 

We will issue you Peepl Tokens on a monthly basis, in return for interacting with the apps on our network, promoting Peepl, and supporting your local economy. 

The token allocation we are offering per month is shown in the table below:

Ah, great, I get Peepl Tokens! What are those? 

The Peepl token (PPL) is a digital currency asset that has a locked value to fiat currency (i.e.pounds and pence) for the next four to five years. Essentially, the Peepl Token is a reward that allows you to earn as you spend locally. When you spend on the Peepl Network, you are rewarded with a percentage of your spend back into your wallet. Customers can then spend this again on the app they used, or with other Peepl partners.

The Peepl token was created as a reward to ensure more money is flowing in our local economy, boosting demand for independent businesses and local projects. Big tech platforms extract money from our communities, Peepl are here to fight back!

OK makes sense, but how do I receive Peepl Tokens and hold them? 

You will receive Peepl Tokens by setting up a wallet. 

Here are the instructions for doing so:

  1. Download The Guide app from either of the app stores 
  2. Once you have completed the signup process, click on ‘account’ 
  3. Under your display name, you will see your wallet address, it will look something like: 0fBO…5a18 
  4. Click on your wallet address to copy it, and then please fill out the form at the bottom of this article and paste it there 🙂

Once you have created your wallet, you can access your vested tokens via the guide app as displayed below:

The Dapp within the guide app is where you can see how many tokens you have, along with information on when you can withdraw them 🙂 

So what are these Peepl apps all about then? 

At Peepl, we currently have three apps live in Liverpool – Shocal, The Guide, and Vegi. Yourgaff will be launching in the coming months, where people in Liverpool will be able to pay their rent through the app, and be rewarded for being a good tenant. 

Please visit this page for download links to all three – https://itsaboutpeepl.com/peepl-apps/

Every time you spend with Shocal or Vegi, you are rewarded with 5% of your spend in Peepl Tokens, to spend again within the Peepl Network. 

You can also receive Peepl Tokens as a reward for watching videos on The Guide app, which you can then spend on orders from Vegi or Shocal, to your favourite local food businesses and shops. 



Vegi is a vegan delivery service in Liverpool

the guide


Yourgaff – Bringing Joy to Landlords & Tenants
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