Check your token holdings in the peepl dapp

Check your token holdings in the Peepl Dapp

As a Peepl investor, you can access your vesting schedule and more in our Dapp

Step 1: Use a supported browser

The Peepl Dapp works anywhere that MetaMask works.

Right now that means Chrome, Firefox, Brave, or Edge.

Step 2: Install the MetaMask extension for your browser

MetaMask is a tool that lets you securely interact with the Ethereum blockchain. You’ll use MetaMask to log into the Dapp with your Peepl wallet address.

Step 3: Add the Fuse network to your MetaMask settings

Peepl runs on the Fuse blockchain, so before you can log to the Dapp, you’ll need to add the Fuse network to your MetaMask settings.

Step 4: Log in!

Visit the Dapp, and log in with MetaMask when prompted.