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A secret introduction to Liverpool’s local food, art, and music scene

Peepl Talk Presents:
The Fandisha Fridays Podcast

This Peepl Talk episode features local rap artist Dayzy and creator of the Fandisha Fridays concept, Kellie Mckenzie. Enjoy this heart-warming chat, and learn a bit about what inspires both Kellie’s cooking and Dayzy’s music. We hope you enjoy!

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This week’s artwork…

Untold Suffering, by Samantha Furness

This work is a direct response to the visible signs that indicate the magnitude of the climate emergency we are in. A statement set out by 11,000 scientists announced that, “The world’s people face untold suffering due to the climate crisis, unless there are major transformations to global society”. When it comes to climate change, if scientific fact doesn’t speak for itself, then what will?

This week’s music…

Run, by Dayzy

Liverpool born musical artist, model, and actor David Sebuyange fuses his northern rap beats with old-school hip-hop flavoured lyrics. His featured track, Run, is available on Spotify below.