Local businesses

Innovating and keeping up with customers’ expectations is expensive, Peepl is here to change that.

Join the Peepl network, own it, and join with local network partners to create new revenue streams and use a shared reward & payments infrastructure to get & retain more customers.

Mobile payments, rewards and apps to supercharge your business

Fast track your growth by joining the Peepl network

Come together with other entrepreneurs & organisations in a way never possible before

Be part of building a healthy future for our local communities, whilst growing your business

For local media, community or sporting businesses

Build your own app on the network for next to nothing (or use our payments and rewards in your existing app)

Reduce sales & marketing costs through network effects & rewards

Increase customer loyalty with innovative rewards, and have your service appear across multiple apps

Become co-owners of the network, benefit from its growth and have a say in its development

Why local audiences & customers love Peepl

Help them with their desire to support the local community

They become part owners as they spend, aiding repeat purchases

Easier for potential new customers to purchase and come across you in local partner apps

Why join the Peepl network?

Peepl support

We support your growth with apps, rewards infrastructure, and advanced payment technology.

Own Peepl

As an early-stage partner, you’ll own as much of the network as we do. Receive vested tokens in yearly, up front, increments.

Shared knowledge

Let’s take on the tech giants by learning and collaborating, pooling our knowledge and using our innovative technology to inspire demand in the network.

The Peepl token

Peepl tokens (PPL) are the core of the Peepl project. They’re a reward token that encourages local spending, helps retain customers and allows organisations both large and small to join together.

Token price will be fixed until 2025, allowing the network to grow internationally across the local communities & projects it serves. 

Each transaction on the network will be rewarded in Peepl tokens. 

Peepl tokens can be used for repeat purchases, or in other local partner apps. Token holders will also have a say in the network's future. 

What do Peepl value?

Sustainability, local businesses & communities.

Decentralised and open-source technology.

Data privacy & transparent, fair business practices.