A tsunami is coming.

The global economy is broken.
And we’re all starting to notice.

You’ve seen it at the petrol pump.
You’ve heard it through the wire.
You’ve felt it while isolating at home.

Before the pandemic
the world’s 10 richest men were worth $700 billion.
They’re now worth $1.5 trillion.
Meanwhile, the rest of the world gets poorer.

The internet was supposed to make us all
more connected, richer.

Instead it killed the little guy
and destroyed local economies.

An immense shift is coming.
We should know, because we are driving it.

An economic revolution in how
we govern our money, our technology.
One that shares wealth instead of hoarding it.

We’re rewriting local economics.
To something that puts you, your business,
and your community at its heart.

The Jeff Bezoses of this world have had
their hands in your pocket for long enough.
Isn’t it time we put it right?

Peepl. It’s the economy we need right now.

we’re rewriting
local economics

we limit & redistributE
our capital gains

Citizens. Businesses. Entrepreneurs. Creators. Local governments. Cities.