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Funded by the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority, Peepl is using blockchain technology to build wealth for communities like yours by creating stronger, more resilient local economies. 

The Peepl token provides local economy champions and Peepl pioneers with lower fees, and ways to earn rewards for shopping local and spending ethically. 

To kickstart this circular economy movement, we’re giving exactly 100 trailblazers first access to the app with discounts, rewards, and tokens to spend with Peepl partners.

The 100 also get part-ownership of the network, a featuring role in the ‘Peepl Pioneers’ campaign celebrating the region’s most forward-thinking local economy champions, and a chance to literally own our logo…

…Own our what?

Who we’re looking for…


People who believe change is possible, and they’re willing to go out of their way to make it happen. 


People who are frustrated with the status quo, and believe society can be much fairer than it currently is.


Artists, community leaders, influencers and activists that can help to spread the word and drive the movement.

What you’ll be asked to do…

Spend and earn and have fun

Get first access to preview builds of our latest apps, including Vegi, Shocal, The Guide, and YourGaff. Buy tasty food, watch the latest videos, and get rewarded for supporting your local community.

Amplify our message

Help drive our movement forward by joining the Peepl Pioneers campaign, and sharing our content with your network. Together we can make a difference across the City Region!

Hear from the peepl 100 creators…

What you’ll get in return…


As one of the first people on the network, you’ll be featured in an exclusive multi-media campaign celebrating 100 of the region’s community leaders, influencers, and activists that are driving the movement.


Part ownership of the Peepl network, up to 100,000 Peepl tokens a year.

Rewards and discounts

Earn rewards and savings when you spend locally. 

Join the peepl 100 now

Step up and be counted. Cement your place in history as a pioneer of your local economy.

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