Frequently asked questions

who are Peepl?

Peepl was founded by Leon Rossiter, former investor in Independent Liverpool and Liverpool City Manager for blockchain startup Colu, and Zarino Zappia of mySociety, Awesome Liverpool and Engage Liverpool CIC.

In 2017, Colu launched local currencies on the blockchain, including the Liverpool Local Pound, as a method to support independent businesses and local economies.

Most of the Peepl team came from Colu, and have been working with and supporting independent businesses for a long time. Peepl raised circa £700k from the Liverpool City Region to take on the delivery giants, reduce fees for independents, and keep more money flowing in our local economies.

How does Peepl work in tandem with partner apps?

Peepl offers payments and rewards to its locally focused partner apps. Whether that is receiving Peepl tokens as cashback for orders, earning Peepl tokens for watching video content, or even paying rent with Peepl tokens, the purpose is to keep more money flowing in the local economy, resulting in less money being extracted by large capitalist organisations.

Every transaction on the Peepl network comes with a reward in Peepl tokens, which can be spent again within the network.

What is the Peepl token?

The Peepl token (PPL) is a digital currency asset that has a locked value to fiat currency (i.e. pounds and pence) for the next four to five years. Essentially, the Peepl Token is a reward for shopping locally. When you spend on the Peepl Network, you are rewarded with a % of your spend back into your wallet. Customers can then spend this again on the app they used, or with other Peepl partners.

The Peepl token was created as a reward to ensure more money is flowing in our local economy, boosting demand for independent businesses and local projects. Big tech platforms extract money from our communities, Peepl are here to fight back!

What is gbpx?

GBPx is a stable coin – a digital asset that holds the price of £1 GBP. 1 GBPx will always be equal to £1. Every GBPx on the Peepl Network is backed by £ pound sterling, in a segregated bank account.